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Chopin | Jewels of all kind

Chopin | Jewels of all kind

What's in a name...

Working with different mediums led me to the name Jewels of all kind. Wherever I go, the moment of the day inspires me to create. My brain never stops. I always have a piece of paper with me and a pencil or pen. During a meeting, I have to draw to keep my mind from wandering off. I see colours and shapes everywhere. I record these to develop them later. At that very moment I don’t know whether the ideas turn into a statue, a piece of jewellery or anything else.


It all starts with inspiration. Every day is filled with inspiration. There's no dull, grey day, not even when it's raining outside. There's beauty to be found in every minute.

Nature is a great source of inspiration. The sea, the forest, a park, everything fascinates me. When we were living by the seaside I created my statues in a shed in the garden. The door was always open. A curious robin often kept me company. We “talked”. Well, I talked, he chirped and I pretended he knew what I was saying and that he liked my creations. I’ve never taken a picture of him. But I can still see him walking into the shed.


I’m lucky Jewels of all kind has 2 studios now. One in the middle of nowhere in Ireland, the other one in the Netherlands. Most of the statues are made in Ireland. The jewellery and paintings are made wherever I am.

When I’m travelling a sketch book will keep me company. Depending on how long I’ll be gone I might take findings with me to create jewellery. Or I might find little treasures and keep them to use on the statues later on.

When I travel I also take photos. Some of them are worth showing off. Travelling broadens my mind. I meet different people, different cultures. It’s where part of the inspiration is born.

Besides the website you'll find Jewels of all kind on Facebook.

Jewellery | Jewels of all kind

All jewellery is handmade, often in mixed media style.