inspiration and the bronzed statues

All bronzed statues are made with recycled materials. My inspiration comes from all over the world. Once an idea is in my head it might take days, or even weeks before the statue is finished. I want them to dry in a natural way. I collect materials all year round.

My favourite materials are found at markets or in second hand shops. Do I love recycling!

I work with…

wooden mankins, frames made of wire (small or bent statues) or rebar (bigger, standing statues) and polystyrene heads. Polystyrene needs a primer.

The polystyrene balls (Where do the children play, Buddha, the bird in the garden) are completely covered with materials. Winter evenings are used to make jumpers, hats…

I work with Pretex © as a hardener simply because it gives the best result. I mix my own paints as the original bronze colour I used is no longer available.

As you can see on the pictures, these statues can withstand the weather. Yet I do advise to give them a sheltered place.

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