Jewellery and me

When a friend asked me to attend a jewellery class I hesitated. Jewellery was just not my cup of tea. Well, this class changed my mind! I already did have several pairs of earrings. Since 1984 I wear one necklace, a joker on a silver string. That’s it. That was my jewellery, apart from the earrings. And look at me now! I still don’t wear that much jewellery but I do know what I like and most certainly I do love to make one-off’s !

All items are one-off’s

I never made any series. I love to experiment, combining different mediums, like polymer clay and silver. So I started off with gem stones. Only the best, no cheap plastic or acrylic stuff. But hey, it’s fun to turn everything into a unique piece of jewellery! So I used toys, wool, yarn, natural beads and seeds… I took a few classes in precious metal clay and silver smithing.

My designs will always be “different”. Whether I make bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces… I never make the same item twice.

Used materials

Whenever I get the chance I like to work with real silver. Precious metal clay allows me to imitate the silver to the most. Both materials are quite expensive and I do like to keep a sort of budget as well. So nowadays I work mostly with polymer clay. The versatility in colours, in possible designs… But when I see some different materials? I might just turn it into some unusual object.

More inspiration on jewellery items to be found on Facebook.