Photo moment

Pictures always reflect a personal interest. Who doesn’t take pictures nowadays? I take pictures wherever I go. It’s when a picture becomes a photo you’re in for the photo moment.

I hardly ever edit photos. If I do I specifically want to get a special effect. Like the sepia photo - I want to keep the memory of my friends in Dunboyne. I might cut off edges, though I rather try to get everything I want into the picture and leave everything I don’t want to see out of it. Maybe take a few steps backwards or forwards, sideways even... everything to capture the right moment.


It's the details that attract me. What’s special about that shoe on top of a pole? Who lost his shoe? Did he walk barefoot? Or just one foot? Was he stuck in the mud? I’ll never get the answers.

Some of these photos are taken decades ago, others are more recent material. The lady walking in Temple Bar, sipping her beer, one white glove. She was happy. And I was lucky.


When I travel I go all places. I don’t mind getting lost. That’s when I find the most beautiful spots. I came across a wall, telling the story of the big flood in 1953. Still going strong. The owners told me it should be seen by everybody so people would know what happened, that’s why they never restored the wall.

Just minutes after I took the picture of the hanging man at the theatre show in Almere, the Netherlands, my phone dropped… 8 meters down on the floor. As all my pictures are immediately uploaded to the cloud I still had some fine moments in memory left.

At the moment I'm "reading" a book by visiting places mentioned in the book. Updates can be found at Facebook.


I use a camera and my phone, both Sony. Their lenses are absolutely terrific.

If you fancy a picture, please drop me a note. Most of them can be printed A4-size on photo paper, canvas, dibond, glass, wood...

Please don't use my photos without asking. Thanks!